All members of the International Military Organisation have to accept the conclusions of the mayority and have also to be extremly loyal during the fight.


Members, who tell outstanding people clan-internal things have to be punished harder.


All members have to show that they belong to the clan by the following syntax: [-IMO-] nickname


Members, that haven't done anything for the clan for 6 months have to be thrown out.


2 Weeks before a Clan-Match all members of the concerning sub-clan have to be told about the match.


If IMO-Clanmembers are found cheating while playing with the [-IMO-] in front fo their nickname, then they might get thrown out, but never when the clan allowed it.


Members that we're 3 times admonished during 6 months get thrown out.


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Rules can only be changed or added by the 2/3 quarter mayority of all clanmembers.