Basic notes:

Because of a budget as large as 30 billion €, we have the possibilities to give you troops with Hight-Tech equipment for the hardest wars. Our infrantry is within 24 hours at any place on this planet you want it. All other parts of our army except the Navy arrive at the battlegrounds within a week. But depending on the location it arrive much earlier ,too.


All of our 5000 men infrantry have HK machine guns with lots of round of ammunition, of course. Some part of the troops have special weapons, but every men belonging to our infrantry is supposed to be able to shoot with all weapons, that we get from the black market: Shotguns, Rocket launchers, Grenade launchers, Sniper and so on. All men had to absolve 5 years of training and testing and after that the best we're picked.


Just bought in Dubai are our new 100 "Leopard 2" tanks. Our tankdrivers have been trained in many many simulations and now they are ready. We have got enough ammunition too, so that our tanks never get out of ammo. If you would like to see our tanks at training, visit our training site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, our Personal Relationship man will give you further informations. Furthermore in our garages are 34 APCs, 20 rocketlaunchers, 10 of them ground-to-groundand the rest is ground-to-air. 2 Bridge-Building-Tanks and 10 reinforcement units.

Air force:

Belonging to our air force are: 50 AH-64D, 20 SR-71, 50 F16 as well as 10 Transall and 100 Airbus 400M. Because of the many transporters can move all our helicopters within 24 hours to every place on earth, at the photo you can see a AH64-D on its way to Angola. Our pilots are trained over eastern Russia and western Brasilia, to be prepared for all possible events. Other training sites, build up in cooperation with other groups, are located in the south of the Phillipines and Namibia.


Last but not least, our glorious navy, which NEVER lost a ship. Our navy has 20 Nimitz-Class aircraftcarriers, 40 Los Angelos-Class submarines, 20 Aegis cruizer, 60 destroyers, 40 mine layers, 20 motor torperdo boats and 50 troop transporters. With all these ships it is possible to come through even when it is impossible. If the people leading the attack think it is the best solution, then we attack by sea and make another D-Day, because your enemies won't be prepared.


Belonging to our further equipment are 20 satellits and 472 Monitoring stations. And not to forget, we have spys in all necassary groups, who give us the latest informations.


We will tell you all prices, but not here!