The Story of the International Military Organisation

The Beginnigs

Everything began in the summer of the year 1972 as 10 clever businessmen had the opinion, that it would be time to expand their world-wirde influence. To 24.09.1972 the IMO was created unofficially (officially it doesn't exist yet). As Sponsor it was intended large relief organisations which all were interressiert beside the 10 Businessmen to to finance the wars which will be much shorter from now, in the interest of the population. Also Amnesty international is involved as Sponsor, because with our help, many dictatorships are often fallen or they didn't even manage to reach the power. In recent time the IMO is responsible e.g. for the fall of the philipinian president Estrada, the indonesian president Wahid and the jugoslavischen dictator Milosevič.

The further process

In the following decades our budget rose unstopable around average 23.5 per cent each year. We could purchase our first tanks (Russian T80) for 1979 and the first combat aircraft (Russian Mig23) were ordered in the following year. 1986 moved us the fact that we lost some machines in the Iran-Iraq war, because we were attacked from the seas-side, where we had to accept our first losses. Thus the guidance decided to order the first three carriers with protecting ships, which arrived 1989, the IMO Fighting star, the IMO Anaconda and the IMO Sunrise. We operated in 2. The Gulf War owing to these ships expressed successfully with the operation desert storm also and only a unfortunate coincidence has to owe Saddam Hussein its life.

The nineties

Our most applications led us in this time to Africa, where we intervened in most civil wars helping, naturally for the most-offering. In most wars usually an attack of several weeks was enough to decide by the SR-71 around the war. The exception was the war between Uganda and Burundi, which we could decide only by direct application of Guerillia troops to favour of our backer. Just as problematic, were the Balkans wars, with which like Serbian army opposite our backers in the advantage was always far, which we could make by direct bomb fire destroyed.

The new millenium

Officers drew the attention of end of 2000 to us to a light moral waste, and so the IMO decided to create a Clan. By this clan also fighting in their spare time together the moral improved again enormously, which became with the first application end of 2000 in Indonesia apparent and also with second on Fidji. Owing to a co-operation with other groupings, which I may call here not further, we came to further maneuver workstations into Namibia and the southern Phillipins. Additionally the acquisition of a spy satellite system was decided, which is to increase the accuracy of the bombs from 98 per cent to 99.5 per cent.


The constant expansion course of the IMO will continue to continue also in the next years. The acquisition of Comanche combat helicopters is decided and a new base before Newfoundland likewise again is already created. In further planning additionally 5 further Basen before the other continents are planned, particularly before South Africa appeared that necessarily create.