The start:

It all started at the end of the year 2000, when AlGates and DOM700 wanted to found a "Red Alert 2" clan. After short discussions a name was found: The International Military Organisation was born! Because of a not remarkable fault of AlGates, the abbrevation should from now on be: -IMO- . Baskrie, Kriemoon and CHSwiss joind the two founders after a short time and that team awaited many early victories! The clan made it to get til place 200 in the "Red Alert 2" ranking list, mainly because of fighting against good clans and winning against most of them.

1st Quarter 2001:

In this part of the year our organisation grew and grew and became a Counterstrike- and a Team Fortress Classic-Clan. Two more clanmembers joined in that phase: DPF234, Hilti TE805 and Ben2001. We started to make our enemies on the TFC-Servers frighten, because DOM700 and Hilti TE805 we're most time best in the ranking list. Next thing was, that we the Clan-HQ was sited in Eckental-Brand, where the mayority of the members live.

2nd Quarter 2001:

After that two clanmembers got thrown out of the clan, because one of them was just playing bad (CHSwiss) and the other wasn't playing at all (Ben2001) This was followed by a discussion, whether we need a clan-homepage and where this should be, at the end we all agreed, that it should be a sub-domain at The last event in that part of the year was the creation of a chain of command, where Hilti TE805 (As 1st leader) and DOM700 (As 2nd leader) are at its end!

3rd Quarter 2001:

After a catastrophic defeat in a CS-Clanwar, which was alone debt of [-IMO-]Johnny, since he wanted to make a Clanwar without consideration of condition or presence of the fighters, [-IMO-]Johnny decided to leave the IMO clan.

4rd Quarter 2001:

Because of the hard training, where we trained especially tactics and teamplay, we made it to fight NSR and win the CS-Clanwar. Magnificent fighting and great tactical play could be seen as well as tactical lacks, which couldn't be corrected during both trainings before the clanwar.